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Frequently Asked Questions?

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Table of Contents

  1. What types of dentistry services do you offer ?
  2. Where are you located ?
  3. How do I know if my insurance covers the services required and who files the insurance claims ?
  4. Do you offer payment plans ?
  5. Do you use white fillings ?
  6. Do you make gold teeth ?

What types of dentistry services do you offer?

We offer x-rays, exams, cleanings, fillings, extractions, crowns, bridges, partials, dentures, root canals and gum treatments. We refer our patients to the appropriate specialist for special needs for their children, tooth straightening and implant placement. We are now making appliances for people with sleep disorders and snoring - helping patients do away with the uncomfortable C-PAP machines. We also make custom night guards for people who clinch or grind their teeth in their sleep.

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Where are you located ?

We are at the corner of Portsmouth Blvd. and City Park Ave at 5000 Portsmouth Blvd., Portsmouth,VA. 23701-1955. You can call 757-488-9000 for detailed directions or go to <Map It!>
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do I know if my insurance covers the services required and who files the insurance claims ?

Patients with dental insurance should call our office before coming in and give Joy or Debbie the information from their dental insurance card. They will call the phone number on the card and verify the type of coverage you have. Once they have that information they will let you know what share, if any, you will need to pay at the time of the visit.


We file insurance forms for all plans except for DMO's and Medicaid. We are not under contract with any insurance companies. We do not discount or write off any of our fees. Most of the plans we deal with accept our fees as fair and pay the expected amounts. Others discount what they should pay leaving the patient to pay the difference. Our patients with those plans use the CareCredit 6-month no interest plans to pay off the difference if they need some time.

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Do you offer payment plans ?


Our patients use the CareCredit 6-month no interest plans if they need some time and are unable to pay in one lump sum payment. CareCredit also offers longer options, up to 60 months, at a low interest rate. We recommend you drop by our office to apply so you may get pre-qualified before you need work done. There is no charge to apply and no obligation to book an appointment with us at this time. We offer this option as a courtesy to our patients.

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Do you use white fillings ?


We use tooth colored fillings on all front teeth and on back teeth, except for the chewing surfaces. While white fillings are better looking than silver fillings, they do not handle chewing stress as well. They tend to wear, crack and leak. The contacts between teeth are not as tight with white fillings as they are with silver fillings, allowing food and germs to collect in these areas. Insurance companies tend to down grade white fillings on back teeth to the less expensive silver ones and pay a lower fee. White fillings do not show up well on x-rays so new decay around them is hard to spot. To patients who feel they must show only white when they open their mouths, we offer tooth colored crowns which look, feel, fit and wear beautifully.

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you make gold teeth ?


We make gold crowns for front and back teeth. We can place gold crowns in removable partials and full dentures.

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